Saturday, 2 November 2013

Scamy Diet Alert - Lose 18 Pounds in 4 Days!

Diet Plan to Lose 20 Pounds - Aptly Called the Lose 18 Pounds in 4 Days Diet

Yes, folks, believe it or not, this diet claims that you can lose 18 pounds in 4 days.  Let’s put it under a microscope.  With something as rapid as this, one may begin to get highly motivated to keep losing all the excess weight one is carrying around. This diet is especially attractive to people who have a special event coming up and would like to look a little sleeker than usual.  On the other hand though, a feeling of lethargy, hunger and fatigue will definitely dawn on dieters because of the lack of calories of this diet.

 Surely enough, most of the weight lost on this diet will be fluid retention and not fat hence most of the weight that is shed off will definitely be regained when the dieter goes back to eating her normal diet.  Quite impossible to keep the weight loss lost on this one at bay.

Diet was invented by James Zeta, someone who has no background neither in dietetics nor nutrition. He claims that his weight loss program will cause dieters to lose a maximum of 18 pounds even if it is a well-known fact that trying to lose this much weight is practically paraphrasing yourself for disappointment. But as always, desperation will push you to doing things that you know may not be worth it.

Zeta claims that his diet not only makes you lose 18 pounds in 4 days but it gives your weight loss program a jackrabbit start. That may be true but it is not advisable to continue doing this diet for more than what it is recommended. Serious side effects or illnesses may arise from continuous use of this diet.  So buyer, beware.

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