Sunday, 20 October 2013

Drumstick: Herb that is Medicinal from Root to Tip

Drumstick, scientifically called Moringa Oleifera is believed to be originated at the sub-Himalayan ranges of Indian subcontinent. This may be the reason why drumstick plant is used for a vast range of medicinal purposes in the Indian medicine system, Ayurveda.

Allopathic pharmaceutical companies are also on to research and production of medicines based on chemicals in drumstick. If you want all the healing capabilities of drumstick plant, this portal may not be enough. But here are some that are very relevant in domestic cure and nutrition regime.

Let’s start with some kitchen remedies.
Drumstick soup will be very useful in relieving lung problems like chest congestions, coughs and sore throats. Other respiratory conditions like asthma also can be eased up by inhaling steam from drumstick boiled water. Diets of pregnant women are often constituted with this herb to avoid post and pre-delivery complications. In Ayurveda, drumstick root is processed and given in prescribed doses to treat fevers, paralytic affections, epilepsy, chronic rheumatism, enlargement of spleen, dyspepsia and also in bites by rabid animals. Also ayurvedic physicians use a honey and juice of drumstick leaves as eyes drops for various eye diseases.

The list doesn’t end here. But there is one thing that should be kept in mind; drumstick and drumstick leaves are one of the most nutritious food available. Keep your nutrients up and your body can fight on its own. Rely on the saying, “Prevention is better than cure”

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