Sunday, 18 August 2013

7+1 Reasons to Stick to Your Daily Diet Plan

Sticking to the regular diet plan can be very difficult to many people. However with the right motivation, it will instantly become a daily routine. To keep one motivated, here are seven+1reasons why it is good to stick to your daily diet plan.

Helps to Lose Weight

A proper diet can help you lose and gain weight better as working out alone is not the option. For example, to lose weight of at least 2 lb a week 1, 000 calories need to be burn daily which means a total of 5, 000 sit up daily needed to be done. Without a proper diet, surely lots of calories will be added daily.

Prevent Killer Diseases

A proper diet can also help to prevent lots of killer diseases such as heart attack and diabetic. Consuming a good portion of fruits everyday can reduce the risk from getting premature death caused by heart attack.

Prevent Minor Infection

Another good reason to stick to your diet is that it will protect the body from any minor infection such as the flu, headache or stomach ache that can lead to an unproductive day.

Mood Enhancement

Besides to the body, diet can also alter people’s mood. Good diet can increase the chance of not being stress. Consuming lots of food with vitamin B6 will help the body from releasing lots of chemical that will cause stress.

Prevent Memory Loss

Diet can also help the brain to prevent from getting any loss of memory as the body is growing old. A diet with blueberries for example will make sure the brain cell will keep on growing.

Stamina Booster

Dieting will also boost your stamina and metabolism that will keeps the body stay strong for the rest of the day. This will help people to do more works in a day.

Giving Confidence

 A good diet will also boost the confidence in oneself as he or she is free from any disease and stress problem.

Enhance Love Life! 

Ohh, the last tip is precious for many! A romance-less (perhaps sex?) relationship is probably not going to last longer irrespective of depth in love. Controlled eating habits and modest physical activities will keep you in good shape and better health.

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