Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Effective 1200 Cal Diet Plan

Amongst diet plans that have been regarded as effective and safe, 1200 calorie diet plan is one. This is a very strict diet plan that requires the dieter to be disciplined. Most people wonder how someone can stay on such a restrictive diet. In truth, it is not that difficult to follow this diet because eliminating junk foods alone will do a lot of good.

The main foods that people on 1200 cal diet plan should concentrate on are, fruits, fresh vegetables, low-fat dairy, grains, proteins (lean meat) and lots of water. Strict NO-NO to sugary foods, oily foods and sodium rich foods. A high fibre content diet would do wonders.

As said earlier, plenty of water is mandatory to flush out toxins from the body during this diet. It is best to avoid alcoholic drinks, beverages, sugary juices and even soda. 

A Sample diet menu to get started [source

This is what you would eat for breakfast

Below is the sample lunch box

Your dinner menu:

Snacks (optional) and  nutrition info:

Finally, some exercise is important!

Along with the diet plan, most dieticians recommend aerobic exercises. Simple walking, jogging, or even dancing will do. This is to pump up the heart and increase the blood flow and circulation to the body. 

Watch the video below for some simple aerobics tips 

You should be regular with your exercise regime when on 1200 cal diet plan. In general, following this diet plan strictly for 7 days is said to help a person lose about 1 to 3 pounds based on the is body make-up. 

As I said earlier, this weight loss diet is harder to follow. It is not impossible if you are a highly motivated person.

And... hey, this will actually get you result! 

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